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Homefront: The Revolution of the commercially successful homefront follow-up, and take you into a world in which the United States has taken four years to complete. Immerse yourself in High Stakes gameplay where you must lead the resistance movement in tactical guerrilla war against a superior KPA military force. A dynamic, responsive and visually stunning open world reacts to your actions – you and your resistance cell can inspire a rebellion on the streets and be the force that makes all the difference in the war, professional turn in the revolution as oppressed civilians to take up arms , But your enemy has the advantage – superior technology, firepower, heavy armor and air support. You must master the art of guerrilla warfare learn – robbery, sabotage, infiltration, deception – and an ongoing battle of the war devastated suburbs of an occupied Philadelphia fight. And the single-player campaign is just the beginning – an incredible co-op feature allows you and your friends form your own resistance cell and as heroes of Revolution.Explore known a living, breathing open world – with real open-world gameplay , brought to life with dynamic weather and day and night by amazing CryEngine-powered visuals enabled cycles
wage Guerrilla Warfare – this is not a linear shooter; Learn the art of guerrilla warfare and using ambush, infiltration and hit and run tactics against your opponents in exciting battles un script
, the resistance build – recruit revolutionaries to the cause, provide bases and Safe Houses to detect and We make a deadly arsenal and build improvised homebrew weapons for your Guerrilla tool Kit
to the Revolution Ignite – of the oppressed citizens to revolutionary leader, an epic single player campaign tells the story of the second war of independence
online Co -OP -. take the fight online, form a resistance cell with your friends and earn your reputation as a hero of the revolution

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