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Available on Xbox One and Xbox 360   
ScreamRide release date: March 6 2015

If you’ve ever been addicted to Theme Park World or RollerCoaster Tycoon, you might be quite excited at the thought of ScreamRide coming to Xbox One and Xbox 360 later this year.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, ScreamRide is a brand new rollercoaster simulator in development at Frontier Games – the dev team behind the original RollerCoaster Tycoon.

ScreamRide brings the build-your-own rollercoaster antics to the current Xbox family and includes strong physics mechanics that let you fling your coaster carts (and their passengers) into buildings that crumble upon impact.


The game’s been built first for Xbox One and has a focus on two core pillars: creation and action.

The action comes from the rather unique Career mode. It’s split into three sections across which are spread a total of 60 levels. The Career tracks are Scream Rider, Engineer and Demolition Expert.

Scream Rider sees you ride the rollercoasters created by the game. You’ll need to use the triggers to accelerate, brake and steer into the corners. Hit a blue patch of track and you’ll want to press X right at the end to pick up a speed boost.

These levels require a lot of skill and practice to stop your carts and yourself careening off the tracks. Even at the lowest levels, it’s a game that requires a lot of practice. More than once I failed on the same opening stretch of coaster, failing to brake in time for that repeatedly fatal corner.

It’s a great way of giving you an introduction to the ScreamRide world, showing you just how awesome and treacherously fast the rollercoasters can be when you get to building them.

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ScreamRide 5

Secondly, you have the Engineer Career track. This is aimed at being the more RollerCoaster Tycoon-esque experience of the Career tracks. You’ll be required to build a coaster that flings the carts out at a cityscape to destroy as much of it as you can.

You’ll need to adjust your coaster’s trajectory to a very specific angle as to ensure you hit your mark. It’s another game of trial and error with the Engineer mode, and it’s a show of the game’s physics engine.

ScreamRide is capable of showing 50,000 active objects at once as buildings collapse. However, as impressive as this sounds, each of these active objects is a block – making even the most impressive explosions look like a game of Jenga tumbling down.

Although it’s not meant to be the most realistic game, when compared to the building degradation in games like Battlefield, it looks pretty last-gen.

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ScreamRide 7

The third and final Career track is the Demolition Expert, where you’ll have to catapult a single cart into glowing rings to trigger a chain reaction of explosions. Once you’ve launched your cart you will have a period of time where you can tweak its trajectory to guide it into your target hoop.

Again, it’s a game of tweaking and retries, but actually blowing up the joint is so satisfying when you succeed that it’s worth the effort. You’ve still got the issues of the blocky demolitions, but when you’re flinging solo carts about without the coaster, you can forgive it a bit more.

One thing we can say for ScreamRide is that is a game with some beautiful water effects and some Career gameplay that’s frustrating enough to make you come back for more.

Of course, ScreamRide wouldn’t be complete without a free-rein Creation mode that allows you to build the biggest and best coaster your brain can think of.

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ScreamRide 7

Although I still believe games that offer creation tools like this are best at home on a PC, Frontier’s done well to make the tools fully accessible to controller users on Xbox One.

All your creation tools are split into distinct categories for coaster parts, island bases that will stop your coasters sinking into the sea, and others that will help you create your ultimate coaster.

I didn’t have anywhere near enough time to make a coaster worthy even of Chessington World of Adventure’s children’s area. But I did realise that the tools are incredibly easy to start using, although they’ll take long time to truly master. Patience will definitely be a virtue if you aim to build anything worthy of sharing.

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First Impressions
There’s plenty of scope to create something amazing with ScreamRide, but like other creation games, such as Minecraft or even Project Spark, you’re going to need a lot of time and dedication to master the creation tools.

We foresee that, although the Career mode’s a lot of fun at first, the game could quickly lose its appeal because of the repetition and precision required to succeed.

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