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Introduction Xbox One. Where the best games, multiplayer, and your favorite movies, music, sports and live TV come together in one place. see Xbox One games and feel incredibly real, with cinematic gameplay that rivals Hollywood. Watch TV or chat with friends on Skype while you play, and keep on playing while smarter matchmaking happens behind the scenes. With Xbox One, you can turn on two things side-by-side snap on your TV, and from one to another instantly. powered cloud electricity and built for the digital age, Xbox One is developed over time to keep getting better. *

Xbox One offers an entirely new gaming and entertainment experience to transform the way you play. Xbox One brings together the best games, the most reliable service and extensive entertainment all-in-one system, which is for today and built tomorrow.

Xbox One
The best games
  • The award-winning exclusive games at E3
  • Get it there first – all Call of Duty ..: Ghosts downloadable content and much more.
  • Adaptive AI that is how you can learn to play.
Xbox One
The best multiplayer and service.
  • Better matchmaking with Smart Match.
  • No jerks – helping reputation system from your games annoying players hold
  • No waiting in lobbies – .. to play, watch TV or surf the web while matchmaking happens

Xbox One
games and entertainment.
  • you never miss a moment – get multiplayer alerts while you watch TV
  • Immediately switch from one game to TV, film, music and more
  • do next to each game an app detents and two things at once ..
Xbox One
built for the future
  • The digital system – .. built. for the digital age with the latest technology and the power of the cloud with
  • is getting better -. “Cloud” means Xbox One and games grow with you over time
  • Advanced voice and motion control open up new game experiences like never before.

Get the facts.

Xbox One
Xbox One games online or offline.

your Xbox you need not be connected in order to enjoy offline features of games. In fact, you can use the Xbox One take anywhere and play any disc-based Xbox One game on it. The only time require an online connection are for initial setup of Xbox One, and to get the latest system and title updates before you start to play a few games.

Xbox One
share, trade, resell, gift, & rent game discs to your heart’s content.

Use Xbox One disc-based games like you do today. There are no restrictions on the use and exchange of them: It works like today on Xbox 360. If you’d rather get your digital games that you purchase from Xbox Live and get instant access to play

Xbox One
Play anywhere with your own Xbox Live gold account.

A single Xbox Live Gold membership works across both Xbox One and Xbox 360 – covering the membership both. And you can sign up a friend’s Xbox One and access all your downloadable games, settings and apps.

Xbox One
You control your privacy.

You decide how personalized Xbox One for you and your family, including privacy settings, manual or automatic application, and how the data is used. And if you enjoy games or applications play sensitive personal data use, such as videos, photos and facial expressions, no one can access it except you, without your explicit consent.

Xbox One
Kinect or Controller :. There are a variety of ways to interact with Xbox One

Depending on the game or app you can control Xbox One voice commands and gestures, a controller, a remote control or the Xbox One SmartGlass device. It is designed with you in many ways.

Xbox One
Transform Xbox One and Kinect to or interact from.

Xbox One off, just say “Xbox off”. This brings Xbox One in the standby mode, in which you hear only the voice command, “Xbox On”. You can disable your Kinect through the system settings, or you can separate it easily. Xbox One Kinect not be plugged required for the system function.

Xbox One
your gamertag and gamer follow Xbox One

No reason to worry. You can bring your Xbox One Xbox Live Gamertag and gamer with you. Your Gamers are automatically updated once you have connected to Xbox Live.

Xbox One
Communicate with Xbox Live Gold friends using messaging or Skype.

with Xbox One and an Xbox Live Gold membership, you can use Skype with any platform to voice chat, it supports. If Skype is not supported (such as on the Xbox 360), you will still be able to which of your friends to see is online and message them.

What’s in the box

  • Xbox One Console
  • Kinect Sensor for Xbox One
  • Wireless controller
  • Chat headset
  • HDMI cable
  • power

* Advanced TV hardware required. Games, add-ons and media content sold separately. Initial and some games and features require broadband internet; ISP fee. Online multiplayer, Skype and some features also Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) and / or require additional requirements. See

The Day A console includes a commemorative controller, token code to an exclusive day unlock an achievement and quality packaging
Kinect is included with the Day One Edition. to be completely newly developed and more accurate, responsive and intuitive with unparalleled voice, vision and motion technology
The console through a powerful combination of CPU, GPU and 8GB of RAM, governed by an innovative OS is driven to provide energy architecture , speed and agility; Only Xbox One unleashed the large and scalable performance of the cloud for your games, entertainment and applications with Xbox Live
The product does not come with the converter.
PSUs are designed to be used only in the regions where they are sold; Do not try to use an Xbox One PSU, which was built for a region that has different power requirements. ; Do not use the Xbox An external power supply outside the country can be used, where it was sold. If you use the AC adapter in another country, it is, or your console may be damaged and the warranty may be invalidated.
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